Do i have to live in New york to enjoy your website?

No but it might help.


Who are you people?

We are New Yorkers who share a love for our city! Some of us a First-generation, some Second, some Third, some Fourth, some Fifth and an intern from Ohio. You get the idea. We are located in Midtown Manhattan.

i have a story that needs to be told

We are always looking for talented local contributors with original and unique stories about New York. We already know where all the rooftop bars are and we have a drawer designated for "Sex and the City inspired stories". Please don't send anymore of those.


I don't see my comment posted

We periodically review our comment submissions. Check back again at a later point. We don't post abusive language or personal information. If you flatter us or make an attempt at humor we'll post it sooner.

do you get paid to review?

No, all opinions are our own. We can't be bribed.


what is the meaning of life?

42, silly.