Hats are Timeless Just Like New York

By Julia Hofer, image Brooke Cagle

You don’t need to be “hat educated” to understand the conventional purposes hats serve. Sure, it shields you from the beaming sun during hot summer days as well as it shields the public eye from the horrid state your hair is in, but what about the unconventional purposes? What does your hat say about you? 

Well gents, to answer this question, you do need to be hat educated. Find out what hat looks best on you and how it contributes to your style and demeanor. In American decades up to the 1950s, hats constituted an emblem for social status, working power and lavish style for men, especially on the island of New York. But as tensions in America increased, the hat fad fizzled out and men traded in their felt fedoras for military helmets.  

But look at the woman passing you by on 5th Ave, she’s wearing Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses; or look at the girl in her mid-twenties reading in Central Park, she’s wearing flared jeans. You start to notice the style trending today is derived from past generations and eras of American culture – and just like that hats are BACK. 



The recycling of past trends continues to ignite the evolution and refinery of today’s fashion, establishing the idea that style isn’t just what you wear but it’s who you are. New York City, home of individuality and innumerable renowned brands, has easily defined that, and the oldest hat shop in New York, J.J Hats, understands that. From every type of fedora known to man and newsboy caps to cowboy hats and even top hats, J.J Hat Center, located on 5th Ave, has it all. Each and every stitch that makes up each and every hat within respective collections caters to the individual style of each and every New York man. Varying in material, colors, shapes, sizes and dimensions, it all depends what you want your style of hat to say about you.



Determined to let your presence to speak for itself? 

A short-brim felt fedora will undoubtedly do that. This best seller demands the volume of sophistication, power and masculinity. Achieve this classic New York look with the Stetson Temple Hat. The Stetson’s fur felt, lined with satin, folded crown and removable feather makes this hat iconic for fall fashion (also available in seven different colors). This traditional business-style hat exudes affluence and guarantees respect. 


Stand up to the summer heat with style. 

When the sun goes up, don’t let it take your style down. Instead of felt try straw. The Panama hat is hand woven, lightweight and refreshing. Dress it up with sunglasses or dress it down with swimwear, this straw fedora is sold all summer long. Originally from Ecuador, this hat integrates features from other cultures with ours, further evolving our style. This hat may be seasonal but it’s limitless when it comes to age, style and statements. 


Less business, more creative. 

The classical felt fedoras capturing the sense of American pride and tradition are likely to appeal to an older demographic of “true New Yorkers.” Millennials, on the other hand, tend to defy tradition and work to create, innovate and bring change to this new era, redefining this idea of true New Yorkers. The younger demographic is a considerable reason for the revival of the hat trend. To evolve the trend, millennials incorporate different styles separate from the classic New York style. More western influenced hats are popularized such as The Outback, characterized by wider brims, open crowns and thinner ribbons, as opposed to the short brim felt fedoras. 


Don’t think a cowboy inspired hats belong in the city? 


Porkpies do, the type of fedora widely associated with jazz music. This genre of music once rocked the streets of New York, so channel your inner Bruno Mars and try the porkpie because this trend will do the same. Don’t believe me? Just watch.


Want a casual hat to match your laidback personality? 

Consider the beanie. This perfect everyday hat that makes casual look sexy. Barney’s New York offers a collection of knitted beanies that would perfectly frame the creative New Yorker’s killer hair and jaw line. Both comfortable and versatile, the simple style of this hat radiates charm and confidence. Test it out with the cable-knitted Maison Margiela. Pull it off well and you never know whose eyes you could attract. 


Originate your style. 

Trends are tough if you are one to cringe at the thought of wearing what everybody else has. Something cool to think about, J.J Hat Center gives you the option to customize your own hat. Express yourself and establish your identity by creating the hat of your own vision and individuality.   


What hat will look good on you?


When shopping for hats the biggest mistake you can make is assuming there is one specific hat for you. It is important to visit hat shops with an open mind, willing to try on different styles and talk it out with a professional. Essentially, to decipher what hat will look good on you depends on the shape of your face. For example, thin long faces should have taller crowns to balance out the height of your face, whereas shorter and squarer faces are best suited in porkpies. 

Fashion trends are also statements. Hats have arguably been the most masculine accessory for a man, which is why its comeback should be embraced. Take this statement, tailor it to your style and this trend easily accounts for who you are.