Must Have NYC Apps

Great apps are essential to hacking New York City. Here are out tried and true favorites:


Heir apparent to the dearly departed Hopstop, this genius mapping app will help you navigate the West Village after happy hour, has a traffic tracker and will show you how many Citibike docking stations are open at your destination. Free


Metroptimizer MetroCard Optimizer

Are you a cheapskate who hates to gift the MTA extra money on top of the $2.75 they charge for a ride? Are you not so primo doing math with a line of people behind you? This app will calculate the right amount of dollars to top off your MetroCard so it will come out even and you won't leave any change on the card. Free

Exit Strategy

This app will not get you out of a date but out of the subway system in no time by telling you which car to board to arrive closest to your preferred exit. Avoid the crowds and walking several blocks underground. Includes great zoomable subway, MTA bus and street maps for all boroughs. $3.99 for iPhone/ Lite version for Android

Roaming Hunger Street Food Finder

Where my Belgian Waffles at? Roaming Hunger lists and maps the location for your favorite food trucks and even offers the option of renting your own for a catered event. Free app for Android and iOS


No cash but need to split the bill for your artisanal pickles at Smorgrasburg with your friends? PayPal's offspring Venmo is a digital wallet that allows user to transfer money between people. Backed by bank level data encryption.


A miracle of alchemy, this app will make alcohol appear an your doorstep when you need it m̶o̶s̶t̶ for a party, before visiting in-laws or when you are too cried up to leave the house after a break-up.

Sit or Squat

A city of 8 million people and barely any public toilets. This potentially catastrophic scenario can be averted by Proctor and Gamble's sponsored map of clean stalls in friendly retail and hospitality locales. Free but requires age verification via Facebook. If that feels intrusive, you can peruse NYC Gov's official list of restrooms in Parks or ask nicely to use the facilities at NYPD Police Department Station houses or head over to Grand Central Terminal.


Are you so busy playing Angry Birds you can't squeeze in doing laundry? Fear not, FlyCleaners is an on-demand service that will pick up your unmentionables and return them to you perfectly laundered, 7 days per week 6AM to midnight in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The Weekender

Have you ever had your weekend plans foiled because your train or bus never showed? This clever zoomable official MTA app will alert you to public transportation weekend service changes. Never miss brunch again!


Hungry but not in the mood to talk to a human? Go online and order some food via Seamless' thousands of Take-Out menus to choose from - which translates into: you crave it, somebody will deliver it. Enter your address and Seamless will tell you the restaurant delivering in your neck of the woods. Free on iOS, Android and Blackberry



You finally bought a hammer for that Pintrest DIY project but now courage has left you because you realize you are not all that crafty. Or maybe your super is more terrifying than your busted toilet? Call in the cavalry and get a professional handyman, plumber, electrician or cleaner send from Handy. You get an instant quote, info on your designated helper, can pay for the service online and even have the option of tipping and rating your professional via the app.