Melona - Korea's favorite Ice Popsicle


When a foodie friend describes a foot trend to you in these very words, you have to check it out. Here are RbNY we are always glad to do the research, in this case we had to investigate what warrants that pilgrimage to Koreatown or Asian supermarkets in Flushing. Bulgogi, Bibimpap ... we love it ALL, but in the scorching summerheat a box of Melona Ice Milk popsicles is most likely what the cool foodies are after.

New Yorkers love ice cream. Gelato, soft serve, artisanal small batch boozy, you name it ... on a searing hot day we need a pint of sugary relief to cool off. 



The ice milk popsicles made by South Korean dairy giant Binggrae Co. Ltd. have for years enjoyed a world wide cult following. Launched in the early 1990’s with a bright green honeydew flavor, aptly named Melona broke all sales records.

Just like K-Pop, the cheery and sweet Honeydew variety is the gateway drug into a world of new flavors. Binggrea sold 280 Million pops in 1994 alone and sales have held steady every year. 

Sold in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, China, Canada, Brazil and Argentina the frozen treat quickly became a hit. Adored by fans for the intense fruit flavor, creamy texture and perfect balance of sweetness, Melona has made its way to the US.

Melona tends to sell out in supermarkets fairly quickly so grab some before we buy all of them and there are none left for you.

Strawberry, Banana and Mango flavors are also available. RbNY proudly i̶n̶h̶a̶l̶e̶d̶ field tested all flavors: we approve!

In Manhattan look for Melona at M2M Asian Convenience Stores (55 Third Avenue/ East Village) + multiple locations)